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Horseshoeing by Sherrie!
We pay the bills around here by shoeing horses.  I have a pretty full book, but can usually squeeze in just
one or two more!  Just as long as you can wait for me to have other clients in your general vicinity, and
you are prepared to take care of your horses' feet properly, I am willing to find room for you in my

Full set keg shoes: $80
Front only keg shoes: $55
Trims: $30
We board a few horses as well.  We can offer pasture only, or full care.  There is a lighted 60 foot
round pen for your use, and an arena under construction.  We feed morning and evening, offer
coastal hay and automatic waterers.
Pasture: $75 per month, includes hay when necessary
Full Board: $150 per month

We worm every two months, using a rotational schedule.  Farrier service is, of course, available on
site, and we have veterinarians all around us in case of emergency.
We are able to train a few horses as time and weather permit.  We love to start colts, using round pen
training and a lot of patience.  We handle them gently, so they learn to trust and work as a willing
partner, rather than "break" them and force them into submission.  Some take longer than others!  We
like to have them halter broke and manageable before starting under saddle -- we don't start the wild
ones!  I can recommend other trainers in the area that are willing to take on the rogues.  We can also
condition endurance horses, putting lots of slow miles on them.

Starting under saddle: $375 per month
Endurance Conditioning: $500 per month
I am also a Reiki Master.  Treatments are available for you or your horse, or I can teach you to do
the work yourself.  Costs for horse or human $50 per hour, and classes start at $100 per person.  
Email me for details.
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