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Pegasus Crossing Natural Health
Welcome to Pegasus Crossing, Home of WMA Lightfoot+//
Arabians, Appaloosas, Half Arabs, Donkeys and Mules
We welcome this opportunity to share our passion for all things equine with like-minded souls.  
We have been breeding and raising horses,
donkeys and mules for almost twenty years now
and are very proud of the animals we have produced.  We have produced national and state
champions, as well as fun and friendly family members.  We believe in careful planning to
produce babies that will be better than their parents, and uniquely able to fulfill a useful place in
the universe.  We believe in sound minds and bodies, never pushing an animal to do more than
it's ready for physically, emotionally, or psychologically.

Although our current emphasis is on endurance horses, we've raised, trained and shown
successfully in reining, cutting, trail and speed events.  We've been competing in endurance for
a little over two years, and find it extremely rewarding and educational.  There is a place for
everyone to ride endurance! If you haven't tried it yet, you don't know what you're missing!

Our broodmares include performance and foundation-bred Appaloosas, classic and-race bred
Arabians, and a couple of good Quarter Horses thrown in!  They have been selected for
pedigree, personality, performance and, of course, conformation.

Please take a look through the site -- and feel free to share your comments!  We love to talk
"horse"!  If you'd like to visit, please
e-mail or call and we'll be happy to give you directions.  
We do ask for appointments, however, because we have a big, biting dog that doesn't
understand strangers coming on to his property.  Thanks for stopping by!

Sherrie Reimers, ND
Pegasus Crossing
Seguin, Texas
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