Pegasus Crossing Natural Health
An exciting venture for Pegasus Crossing! Having completed my ND (Doctor of Naturopathy)
from Clayton College of Natural Health, and received my Certified Natural Health Professional
designation, I am now offering natural health consultations for those interested in taking control
of their health, naturally. The initial consultation will take approximately an hour and a half, and
may include nutritional evaluation by applied kinesiology. Please
email me for more details or to
set up an appointment. Consultations start at $50.
I am also an Elite Master practitioner of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. This highly researched and
widely practiced technique is a non-invasive method for locating and removing interference in your energy field that
is affecting your health and happiness. For detailed information on the technique, you may want to look at I have seen amazing results from this treatment, both in myself and others. Whether you have just
"pulled a muscle", or have had back pain for years, this technique can help your body to regain perfect health!
Treatment prices are $40 per session.
One of the basics of natural health is natural food. I strongly recommend a diet of raw,
organic, whole foods. For those of you like me, who don't like to shop but love to have
food handy to snack on, I recommend the
Whole Food Farmacy. Delicious, raw, organic,
whole foods ... packaged for people on the go! The best way to get good nutrition!

Go to the
WholeFood Farmacy website for complete information, including some very
interesting and informative video clips and
email me if you have questions or would like to
sample the food.
For herbal supplementation, I offer products from
one of the highest quality companies in the
Nature's Sunshine. Once we have
determined your dietary, nutritional and/or
supplement needs, you may go to this website
and purchase your supplements. Take charge of
your health!
This is an exciting time! We are learning so much about how to better care for ourselves through natural means ...
and we
must if we are to survive in our toxic environment. Think about it right now ... wouldn't you like to feel better,
have more energy, move without pain? All without prescription drugs and their numerous side effects? I can help
you make the right choices to help you get there!

Take responsibility and take control of your natural health!

Helping you take responsibility for and control of your health ... naturally!
I am also a distributor for Colema
Boards of California. These are the
boards recommended in
Dr. Jensen's
Guide to Better Bowel Care
personal, at home, high volume
enemas. Contact me for more details
after you have taken a look at their
For further detoxification and
cleansing, as well as cardio
vascular conditioning, ask me
about Detox America's
far-infrared, ozone infused
sauna! First, take a look at
their website, Call for
an appointment to give it a try.
Be one of the first in the country to experience Transdermal Infusion Technology! Pegasus Crossing
Natural Health has been chosen as a premier provider of this amazing and unique approach to your natural
health! Using only herbs and botanicals, we can not only identify areas of concern within your body systems, but
also target those systems in the same way ... through your skin!

In a simple one hour procedure, we put 38 different herbs and botanicals on different spots on your skin. After
application, the spots are evaluated for absorbtion (how much of each your skin took in), the absorbtion rates are
given numerical values which are then plugged in to a formula and we are able to tell, from your skin alone, how
your internal organs and systems are functioning. With this information, we design a comprehensive treatment
plan for you that includes in-clinic transdermal infusion therapies, bath, lotions and targeted creams, along with
oral supplementation and dietary/exercise recommendations. In a process that usually takes about four months,
we can work together to give you a healthier body, which will result in better looking and feeling skin!

Aren't you tired of being poked with needles, peeing in cups and having your body probed each year to know how
you're doing? Wouldn't it be nice to have your health evaluated in a pleasant, non-invasive and even, yes,
way? Now you can!

Call for your evaluation and learn just how healthy you can be without drugs or surgery!
A big issue in our society today is excess weight. We are learning that the body uses fat to insulate us against the
toxins that we are exposed to every day, whether we realize it or not. These toxins can come from the processed
foods we eat, the air we breathe and the products we use on our skin. I've found a product for nutritional cleansing
that will help to cleanse your body at a cellular level, while supporting you nutritionally. Please take a look at the
Nutritional Cleansing site. Contact me with your questions ... or if you are ready to get started on a new path to
health and fitness!